Puppies by Marsha

Come meet your new best friend!


How will the puppy be shipped to me?

Your new puppy will fly to you on a passenger plane from Dallas, TX. The puppy will travel in a pet carrier with food and water. The style of crate can be found at Wal-Mart or PetSmart and is included with the shipping fee. The crate is yours to keep and only provided if the full shipping charges are paid. We do not provide crates for new owners who meet us, unless prior arrangements are made.

What are your shipping fees?

We charge 375.00 to ship our puppies using American Airlines. If another airlines is used extra charges may apply but usually it is not more than 450.00. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area we charge 50.00 to meet with the puppy.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We are able to accept most most credit cards through our shopping cart option. We also have a paypal account in which the email address is mdhuffman1999@yahoo.com. The puppy will not be shipped until the final payment and shipping have been paid.

What about flight arrangements and pick up of the puppy at the airport?

We make all the flight arrangements for your puppy and send the details to you. You will be provided with the flight numbers, departure and arrival times, as well as a reference number. Most of this correspondence is done through email. The pick up location is different at most airport you will need to call American Airlines or the airlines we are using to ship the puppy for the exact location.

What information do I need picking up the puppy at the airport?

The person picking up the puppy will need his or her photo id. Please take a printout of the flight information including the airway bill number and/or conformation number.

Has the puppy had any shots?

Our puppies are up to date on all shots and dewormings. The puppy will come to you with a vaccination record in which you can take to your vet in order to keep the puppy on track with his shots and dewormings.

Are your puppies purebred?

We sell only registered, purebred puppies. If we happen to have an "accident" then it will be noted accordingly.

Will you hold this puppy for me?

In order for us to hold a puppy we require a nonrefundable deposit of 250.00. The rest of the payment of the puppy and shipping will be due the before the puppy flies to you.

Will you refund payment of the puppy?

The deposit is never refundable. However, the remainder of the payment can be refunded if you are unable to complete the adoption process.

Why do you ship the puppies from Dallas, TX if you live in Oklahoma?

We are located in the southeast corner of Oklahahoma therefore the Dallas/Fort Worth airport is the closest large airport to us that has direct flights to most major airports.

Can we come and pick up the puppy in Antlers?

We perfer for our puppies to be picked up by their new owners.

What will be the size of my puppy when he or she is grown?

There is no way to be able to tell the exact weight or height of your puppy but we can give a estimate adult weight based on the weights of the parents, size of the litter, and size/weight of the puppy at given age.

What type of food is my puppy eating?

I will send with the puppy a Nutri-Source puppy package which includes a sample bag of dry puppy food. I mix canned puppy pedigree with the dry food. This may sound crazy but the puppies also love cottage cheese.